About Moutn

Moutn was developed with users in mind. We're a small, family-run business based in Dallas, TX. We wanted to take the hassle out of research and develop a tool that helps anyone dive deeper and better understand the Bible.

People waving at the top of a mountain

Whether you read the Bible on your own or are taking part in an in-depth study or course, understanding every verse can sometimes be tricky. We developed Moutn — a reference tool enhanced by our friendly AI, ISAAC — to supplement your personal, church-led, or even class-based study of the Bible.


Moutn provides verse-by-verse overviews of the entire Bible in multiple translations, which can be viewed alongside each other. You can even drill down to analyze phrases or words within a passage.

Study Guides

Browse our existing library of study guides, or create one yourself with our paid plans. Study guides offer deeper examinations of passages by providing contextual, historical, and linguistic analysis.


Moutn's search tool is powerful. Use it to search for any person, place, event, or thing you can think of. Just type any word or phrase into the search bar and get a complete list of Bible verses that correspond to your query.

We believe Moutn will help broaden your understanding of the Bible. Start with Genesis and work your way to Revelation, or begin with a search. With Moutn, you can personalize exactly how you approach your study.