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Is the free version really free?

Yes! The free version of Moutn is available at no cost and includes overviews of Bible passages along with limited study guides to help you deepen your understanding of the Bible. There are no hidden fees with any version of Moutn.

How does Moutn work?

Moutn merges the powerful technology of AI with traditional Bible Study tools. Create and share study guides. Read detailed overviews of scripture. Premium and Pro account holders can also search multiple versions of the Bible in seconds and customize their searches.

Can I share Moutn with my friends, classmates, and church group?

Of course! The Free plan offers limited sharing options, while the Premium and Pro plans include features that allow you to share study guides with other Moutn users.

What can I search for in the Bible?

Simply put: Anything you can think of to search. Moutn's powerful search tool combs through multiple versions of the Bible and finds references that are relevant to the search. You can type in a person's name, a place, an event, or even a concept like, "friendship", and Moutn does the rest.